Welcome to the North Marion Primary Library!

We have started another exciting school year! Our library is full of new books just waiting to be checked out by eager kids! Please remember you child comes to visit the library every third day, so if they want to check out new books, please have their old ones in their backpack on their library day.

We have 2 Scholastic Book Fairs scheduled again this year to coincide with Parent/Teacher Conferences: Oct 16 & 17, 2019 and April 22 & 23, 2020. The Book Fair is also online for your shopping pleasure. This is a great opportunity for out-of-town relatives to buy your student a book or two! All books purchased are shipped directly to your student at school. Here is our online Book Fair website:
It runs for a week before Book Fair opens to the Sunday after it closes.

Our April Book Fair's theme is:

Box Tops for Education!!
Please Save Your Box Tops from Participating Products!
Each Box Top earns us 10 cents! Box Tops has gone digital! Just download the app to your phone, purchase Box Tops products and scan your receipt into the app! It's super easy! You can continue clipping the ones on boxes until they expire! (some products still have these on them, but most have gone digital)
Thank you for supporting this easy fundraiser for us! We have purchased many, many new books for the library with these funds!
Please remember that Box Tops EXPIRE. Don't leave them sitting in a drawer too long!

Please click on the link below for more information 

Buck-A-Book Store
Every FIRST Friday of the month! From October to June!
Bring $1.00--buy a book!

The Buck-a-Book store is an economical opportunity for students to purchase books and color books for their own home libraries. We sell gently used books that we get from multiple resources. So if you need to purge your own home of outgrown books, feel free to donate them to our store! We LOVE receiving donations!
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